Bluff My Wine.
On Saturday 28th April many dedicated would be wine buffs will try to impress their friends and family with their wine wisdom as they blind taste the superb wines on offer.

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They will be taking part in the annual “Bluff my Wine Evening” at St John’s School, Marlborough. The evening will be an entertaining night of lies and deception, interspersed with true, though scarcely believable, stories about the wine. In this high spirited take on the classic TV “Call my Bluff” game show, three panellists including well known local celebrity Nick Fogg will try to dupe guests into believing their story about the wine being tasted. The tales will range from tall to ridiculous but one of them will be true. Money raised will be used for the Rotary Zimbabwe Wells & Nutritional Garden Project.

Tickets £15 each, available from Haine & Smith, 23-24 High Street, Marlborough SN8 1LW, 7:00pm for 7;30pm. e-mail:

The Atrium, St John’s School, Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 4AU